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Gregg Carr
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Yarnell, AZ 85362
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New Homestead USA is a recognized log home manufacturer for over 40 years. I am partnering up with them covering the Western U.S. New Homestead USA makes log and wood homes for many other companies because of their expertise and 100,000 square foot plant in Idaho. We can make any size, any floor plan, log or conventional wood home or commercial building out of breathable, healthy wood. From small hunting cabins to large custom built homes. For comfort and sustainability, log and wood homes meet all Health Mark USA standards and are Health Mark Rated.

"Timber and logs breathe; they naturally assist ventilation and help to filter and purify the air. They are warm to the touch, absorb sound and do not disturb the natural, subtle, electrical and magnetic field like most other building materials. Logs(and solid wood walls) are energy efficient, too."
~David Person, "The New Natural House Book"

New Homestead USA
Beautiful Log Homes & Conventional Solid Wood Homes Largest Selection of Wood Materials and Floor Plans in the World

Energy-Efficient beyond conventional insulation systems Health-Certified, Breathable Building Solutions Meets or exceeds local codes. Self-regulates indoor humidity. Offered in solid wood, brick and stucco HealthMark's Building Standards and Healthy Home Scoring Low Fire Hazard Rating. High Insulation Performance Rating.

Endorsed by the International Institute for Building Biology & Ecology.