Five Reasons Why Healthy "Breathable" Building Products (Solid Wood) Are Needed.

"Timber and logs breath; they naturally assist ventilation and help to filter and purify the air. They are warm to the touch and absorb sound. Logs (and sawn, solid wood walls) are energy efficient too! David Pearson, THE NEW NATURAL HOUSE BOOK

1. Solid wood is natural, biodegradable and locks up large amounts of CO2 indefinitely. Plus it's the only renewable building resource on the planet!

  • Solid wood buildings have the unique ability to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere, wood used in a solid wood building stored CO2 as part of it's natural composition. Wood products achieve negative net CO2 emission's- lower than any other building material.

2. Solid Wood is strong yet flexible and durable, allowing it to weather extreme storms and rid out strong earthquakes.

  • Strength: Solid wood has a very high strength to weight ratio, providing protection in harsh environmental conditions and situation i.e. earthquakes, hurricanes, cyclones, tornadoes, and typhoons.
  • Fire: Solid wood also protects you in a fire. It burns at a slow rate, and doesn't melt and suddenly collapse as steel can when heated. It can also be sanded and re-used after fire.
  • Maintenance: Solid wood is low maintenance, as it does not dent or mark easily, resists staining, soiling, and order build up. In Europe, solid wood walls last for well over 300 years with very little maintenance.

3. Solid Wood has a significant thermal mass i.e. capacity to store and exchange heat, up to 2.5 times as much as concrete per kilo.

  • Energy Efficient: Solid wood has high insulation and thermal mass meaning that less energy is required to , cool and ventilate a solid wood walled building. Studies conducted at Lincoln University in New Zealand have confirmed that the energy performance of Solid Wood construction is superior to that of timber frame construction. (due to Solid Wood's greater thermal mass).
  • Low Embodied Energy: This refers to the quantity of energy required to manufacture, and supply to the point of use, a product, or material. The embodied energy required to produce a wooden house is far less than a conventional light timber frame with gypsum board lining and brick or fiber cement cladding.
  • Natural Energy: Solid Wood is manufactured by nature using sunshine, so very little energy is required.

4. Solid Wood naturally breathes creating better indoor humidity, which in turn translates into improved comfort and health for you!

  • Comfort: "During the cooler months solid wood acts as a passive dehumidifier in bedrooms during the night, and a humidifier in living rooms during the day. This produces more favorable humidity indoors, which translates into improved comfort and health".
  • No. 1 Healthy Building Material: "Solid Wood is the No.1 healthy building material on the planet". This is quoted in a book, THE HEALTHY HOUSE, by Australian Arcitect, Sydney Baggs. All from factors including capacity to absorb toxic vapors and gases, diffusion resistance, sound transmission, heat storage capacity, resistance to electrostatic charges, surface temperature and conductivity.

5. Solid Wood creates an ideal comfort zone, taking the edge off both high and low humidity levels.

  • Breaths: The single, most amazing attribute of solid wood is that it isn't inert like concrete, steel and other synthetic building materials. A SOLID WOOD BUILDING IS "ALIVE" AND IS TECHNICALLY MORE COMPLEX THAT SYNTHETIC MATERIALS. It will actively try to maintain your comfort level by working with the surrounding environment absorbing and repelling vapor to achieve a natural balance. Solid wood's natural insulation qualities, combined with high heat capacity, provide a stable comfortable wall surface temperature.
  • Thermal Regulation: The ability to absorb moisture vapor is an important functional attribute to solid wood. Warming and cooling the space when needed the most. The thermal and moisture buffering capacity of solid wood is integral to it's ability to maintain a stable internal environment.

"Solid Wood construction takes less time than conventional stud wall construction". Combined with these 5 advantages in favor of solid wood, is an in-house test results that shows construction time on a solid wood wall compared to a stud wall takes less than half the time to construct. This is being documented by a Third Party testing certification in the next few months. (The Log Home Council, & Building System Council).

The national current average cost for labor and materials to build a new house today is $94.54-plus the cost of land-(Cost to build a home article) by Carl Heldman -  Nationally acclaimed author and homebuilder.

HealthMark & HealthStar - HealthMark is an International Certification service which evaluates and verifies healthy building products. NewHomeStead USA holds a U.S. license from HealthMark. And a "Seal of Approval" from HealthStar which ensures health values. Use of these products can earn credits that contribute to certification under the USGBC and healthy building rating systems such as LEED and IBE.

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"Timber and logs breathe; they naturally assist ventilation and help to filter and purify the air. They are warm to the touch, absorb sound and do not disturb the natural, subtle, electrical and magnetic field like most other building materials. Logs(and solid wood walls) are energy efficient, too."
~David Person, "The New Natural House Book"

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